Binders, lacquers, adhesives

COLLMEX flexographic binders, varnishes and adhesives are water-based, with a suitable viscosity ensuring comfortable operating properties and a perfect final effect of the printed product. They are designed for machine use. They are used in enterprises with the production of paper and paper products.

A special sector of the COLLMA portfolio is ecologic products COLLMEX Ecoprint in which the impact on the environment is minimized. These products are composed on a natural basis. Examples are adhesives for paper tubes for gluing the inner layers of hollow strips, or adhesives for gluing layers of tissue paper.

COLLMEX flexographic binders, varnishes and adhesives are available in a range of packaging from buckets, barrels to IBC containers, as is most practical for inclusion in a specific client’s technology.

If you are interested in specials or “tailor-made glue”, please do not hesitate to contact us.