Labeling adhesives

COLLMEX labeling adhesives are tailored to the specific needs of each labeling line to maintain 100% product quality. Individual types of adhesives are suitable for dry, wet, cold or warm surfaces, glass, metal, plastic materials or cardboard. Both cold and hot melt adhesives are available. Some of our products are designed to resist label dropping in high humidity environments (CWRs) or during storage of ice bottles where they are refrigerated for several hours (IWRs).

Our team of sales and technical specialists is at your disposal for the right choice of adhesive. Collma recommends visiting its technicians before and during the first use of COLLMEX adhesives. Optimal selection of suitable type of glue is realized mainly according to the parameters of the labeling line, physical conditions of gluing and surface quality.

Service audit

In addition to regular service, Collma also provides professional, above-standard service. Do you encounter any fluctuations in the labeling line operation? Do you suspect a abnormal batch of labels or their over-drying? Take advantage of our research center, which in cooperation with business managers takes care of your comfort.

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